10 weeks – Sustanon | Turinabol | Proviron

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    • Sustanon
      • Week 1-10 250mg E5D
    • Turinabol
      • Week 1-5 60mg ED
    • Proviron
      • Week 6-10 50mg ED

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2 x SustaTrex©350 - Concentrex


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2 x Proviron 25 100tab - Bayer Schering

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Bodybuilders may favor the combination of Sustanon, Turinabol, and Proviron for a variety of reasons, each contributing to their desired outcomes and preferences.

  • Sustanon, a blend of testosterone esters, provides a steady release of testosterone, supporting muscle growth, strength gains, and overall performance enhancement.
  • Turinabol, an oral steroid, offers unique anabolic properties that can promote lean muscle gains with minimal water retention, contributing to a dry and defined physique.
  • Proviron, on the other hand, is a synthetic androgenic steroid that can enhance the effects of Sustanon and Turinabol by inhibiting estrogen conversion and increasing free testosterone levels. This can lead to improvements in muscle hardness, vascularity, and overall muscle definition, making it an attractive addition to the stack for bodybuilders aiming for a sculpted, aesthetic physique. Additionally, Proviron’s anti-estrogenic properties may help mitigate estrogen-related side effects such as water retention and gynecomastia, which can be common with testosterone-based cycles. By including Proviron in the stack, bodybuilders may aim to optimize their results while minimizing the risk of unwanted side effects. Furthermore, the combination of Sustanon, Turinabol, and Proviron allows bodybuilders to target multiple pathways involved in muscle growth and performance enhancement, potentially leading to improved overall outcomes.


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