12 weeks – Sustanon | Trenbolone E | Dianabol

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    • Sustanon
      • Week 1-12 750mg E5D
    • Trenbolone enanthate
      • Week 1-8 400mg E5D
    • Methandienone
      • Week 1-4 50mg ED

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5 x SustaTrex©350 - Concentrex


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2 x Anatrex©10 - Concentrex


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Bodybuilders are drawn to the electrifying combination of Sustanon, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Methandienone for its explosive potential.

  • Sustanon provides a turbo-charged boost of testosterone, fueling intense muscle growth and raw power.
  • Trenbolone Enanthate adds a surge of strength and aggression, sculpting muscles into chiseled perfection.
  • Meanwhile, Methandienone ignites the furnace, igniting rapid gains and amplifying training intensity.

Together, this dynamic trio creates a symphony of muscle mass and strength, propelling bodybuilders to new heights of performance and dominance. With this potent blend, the stage is set for a journey to the pinnacle of physical perfection.


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