8 weeks – Testosterone P | Masteron P | Stanozolol

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    • Testosterone propionate
      • Week 1-8 100mg E2D
    • Drostanolone propionate
      • Week 1-8 150mg E2D
    • Stanozolol
      • Week 5-8 30mg E2D

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3 x PropiTrex©150 - Concentrex


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5 x MasterTrex©150 - Concentrex


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Stanotrex©10 - Concentrex


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Calling all body sculptors and contenders for the ultimate physique! Behold the dynamic trio: testosterone propionate, drostanolone propionate, and stanozolol—a symphony of sculpting power crafted for the stage-ready physique of your dreams!

  • With testosterone propionate leading the charge, ignite your metabolism and carve out lean muscle definition like never before.
  • Drostanolone propionate, the master of chiseling, sculpts your physique to perfection, unveiling every muscle striation with precision.
  • And with stanozolol as your secret weapon, unveil a physique that’s not just cut, but carved from marble, ready to command the spotlight with unrivaled confidence and poise.

Elevate your cutting phase or contest prep to new heights with this powerful trifecta—where every pose is a masterpiece, and victory is within reach. It’s time to unleash the sculptor within and dominate the stage like never before!


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